smow Nuremberg increases local reach with socialPALS campaigns

Just in time for the store opening in Nuremberg, smow was invited by USM Haller to participate in the socialPALS campaign. A great way to get started in social media marketing during the opening rush!
smow Nürnberg
smow Nürnberg

smow Nuremberg increases local reach with socialPALS campaigns

Just in time for the store opening in Nuremberg, smow was invited by USM Haller to participate in the socialPALS campaign. A great way to get started in social media marketing during the opening rush!

Chiara Herpich knows that it is essential for brick-and-mortar retailers to market their service and personal advice online as well. However, since the furnishing specialists in the store often lack the time and know-how for large-scale multichannel campaigns, she now relies on socialPALS. Because with the trade marketing platform, great effects can be achieved in reach, customer interaction and brand awareness!

Chiara Herpich

Chiara Herpich
Store Manager | smow Nuremberg

Chiara, please tell us about yourself and the smow location in Nuremberg - what is your concept or offering and what exactly do you do?

I’ve been managing the new smow location in Nuremberg for a good six months. We carry a wide but curated range of design furniture classics and furniture that we see the potential to become classics. We have customers who furnish their homes and B2B customers. The associated projects can be anything – sometimes “charming district café”, sometimes “open-plan office”.

Meanwhile, what made you decide to participate in the "USM Home Office" campaign with socialPALS?

USM and smow have had a good working relationship for many years, and the whole thing was straightforward. We didn’t have to think about it for long!

How extensive was the time commitment on your side to launch the campaign?

It was, in fact, very minimal. We only made minor individual adjustments – a matter of a few minutes with the help of socialPALS’ telephone support!

This way, retailers can reach their local target group online - easily and without special marketing knowledge!

Did the "Corona crisis" impact the campaign's execution, and if so, how did you deal with it?

Our store didn’t even exist before the pandemic started, so we don’t know any different. But since it was a digital campaign with support by mail and phone, the Corona crisis did not play a limiting role in the execution of the campaign.

From your perspective, was the campaign successful? What factors do you use to measure the success of a promotional offer like this?

As a new store, uncomplicated reach and increasing brand awareness were significant for us. The campaign, together with USM, was a great way to start something in terms of social media marketing amid all the opening stress.

Have you noticed any effect of content promotion with ad budget?

We had a visible increase in followers and interactions on our social media profiles during the campaign. The evaluation at socialPALS was kept relatively simple and clear.

What do you personally see as the advantages of socialPALS for retail? Was the platform helpful support in the communication of the product? Did it save you time/money and work compared to "classic" marketing?

In store-based retailing, in particular, traditional marketing measures are often used, the success of which is difficult to measure. Of course, the teams there are often smaller, and there is not enough time for marketing.

That’s where socialPALS is a practical option, which is ultimately cheaper than hiring an agency. The fact that the campaigns come directly from manufacturers who know our industry very well is another advantage over traditional agencies.

Will you continue to participate in your invited socialPALS campaigns? Would you like to see more brand partners working with socialPALS?

Yes, we will certainly participate in socialPALS campaigns again. Of course, we would have absolutely nothing against it if more brands we distribute were added here. When evaluating future campaigns, however, it would be essential for us to ensure that “all of furniture Germany” does not use and promote the same content simultaneously. But we are certainly still a long way from that.

What do you consider the "USP" (unique selling proposition/decision criterion) of in-store retail compared to online shopping offerings in your industry?

With us, you can try out, test, touch, feel and build up emotions about pieces of furniture. We also know our returning customers by name and already have a feeling about what they like. We are also happy to take care of one or two special requests to ensure a stress-free and holistic shopping experience. That’s very important, especially in our price segment, and is well received. Furthermore, smow also has an online store that often guarantees short delivery times and picks up customers at the first Google search. This is a synergy that we believe in and that we live accordingly.

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