SPORT 2000 Optimized campaign playout with socialPALS

SPORT 2000 Optimized campaign playout with socialPALS

The SPORT 2000 association offers its retailers a wide range of campaigns on various topics such as outdoor, fitness and winter. The primary goal is to offer retailers as much digital support as possible. However, the implementation is very intense and always requires the support of many internal experts. socialPALS enables SPORT 2000 to implement a high number of campaigns with a variety of different retailers.

Vanessa Glaw
Social Media Manager | SPORT 2000

Vanessa, please tell us a bit about yourself and your role at SPORT 2000!

I have been working in social media marketing since May 2018. I deal with developing long-term, profitable and sustainable social media presences on all social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify and many more). This includes various sub-areas, such as influencer marketing, concept development, campaign planning, strategy development, etc. I also observe and evaluate trends and currents in the social media cosmos. I have been responsible for SPORT 2000’s social media for two years. Furthermore, I am also accountable for socialPALS.

With SPORT 2000 as a customer, socialPALS has grown and has also redesigned internal processes in order to adapt the platform functionality to the requirements of a large umbrella organization with plenty of stationary retailers. What is the aim of your campaigns and how much effort do you put into marketing to launch so many of them?

We offer our retailers a wide range of campaigns for each focus area. These include campaigns made from outdoor, fitness, winter and other areas. The implementation is very intense and requires support from many internal experts. Our primary goal is to offer retailers as much digital support as possible.

Were the campaigns successful? Were you able to tap into new target groups and/or expand your customer base through socialPALS? Did the platform furthermore help to strengthen your brand image and/or improve your market position?

The campaigns that have played out so far performed better than before, thanks to the precisely adjustable target group targeting. This means that target group settings can be tailored to the relevant campaign. We were, therefore, able to improve our campaign playout in all areas.

Interview - Sport2000, Kampagne: Home of Wintersport 23 - Lokale Reichweite
Retailers can reach their local target group online - very easily and without specialist marketing knowledge!

How has the automation of campaigns via socialPALS affected the efficiency and scalability of your marketing measures? Has the platform helped you to use your budgets more effectively?

The automation of campaigns via socialPALS has had a very positive impact on the efficiency of our marketing. This more effective implementation is reflected in our figures. The high level of retailer satisfaction also shows that we have found an effective and indispensable tool in socialPALS.

What role do KPI analyses play in evaluating campaign performance? Were you able to gain insights for your marketing strategy from our platform data?

The progress of individual campaigns is of great importance for SPORT 2000 and cooperating brands. Campaign analyses allow us to keep an eye on the results.

How difficult was it to motivate your retail partners to take part? Is the "online marketing" module accepted as part of the sales concept?

There were, of course, teething problems at the beginning of the launch. On the one hand, there are difficulties in technical implementation and convincing retailers to use a new tool. However, we convinced our retailers of the many advantages of onboarding with socialPALS and have received ample positive feedback since then.

How has the use of socialPALS affected the cooperation between your marketing department and your retailers? Have there been improvements, for example in the exchange of information? Has the perception of your brand among retailers changed as a result of the digital support? Has there been an increase in satisfaction?

Thanks to the support of the socialPALS team, retailers receive well-founded solutions and insightful advice in the event of problems and questions. This has led to a major improvement in the satisfaction of SPORT 2000 retailers concerning campaign provision. Furthermore, after consultation and implementation by socialPALS, retailers have the option of linking their posts to their own websites before publication, which has also had a positive effect on retailer satisfaction.

Each retail partner confirms their participation in socialPALS campaigns and the display of the turnkey content calendar after registering once with a single click. Are there also "active" retailers who regularly take a closer look at the platform and, for example, plan (extra) postings or advertising budgets themselves?

Yes, some of our retailers are active and more involved with the platform. They use downloads and extra playouts for their social media channels.

To what extent has socialPALS helped you to keep up with current trends in retail marketing? Have you been able to benefit from the platform's functionality to respond to changing customer needs?

socialPALS offers SPORT 2000 the opportunity to provide connected retailers with content so that they can share it with their community. This way, retailers can decide for themselves which posts they publish. The onboarding and operation of the platform went and continues to go smoothly for retailers and has been met with consistently positive feedback. socialPALS enables SPORT 2000 to implement a large number of campaigns with a large number of different retailers.

How would you rate the customer support provided by socialPALS? Were there situations in which you had questions or problems - and if so, how were you helped?

Questions or technical requests are always part of the collaboration. We had a large number of retailers to connect to the tool. That took time. However, we all grew with it. Communication with account management was always very positive and successful.

A number of trade fairs are planned for next year, where our teams will work together to actively support the onboarding of retailers. What do you hope to gain from these events and what do you expect from the personal presence of socialPALS?

The presence of socialPALS at our trade fairs is intended to serve as a source of information for retailers. We want to offer retailers as many opportunities as possible to educate them about socialPALS and other social media topics.

Voices from the retail industry:

Sport Michetschläger, Perlesreut

What we like about the campaigns is that the content can be presented professionally and uniformly as requested by the manufacturer, but can still be individualized by the retailer and a personal “touch” can be added. The campaigns are always made available at the right time to draw attention to the current range or the current seasonal goods without having to take time-consuming photographs and write texts yourself. This makes many things easier and ensures excellent visibility on social media. The social media presence is professionalized and made simple and understandable for everyone. Many retailers have little time to take care of this themselves, so the platform is an ideal solution for creating a solid presence and providing customers with up-to-date information. Thanks to the WKZ for most campaigns, you not only reach your existing customers, but can also address new customers through a broader display of ads. This simple increase in reach is also a big plus for the platform. The support is super nice and really quick – our callback request was fulfilled within three minutes and the problem was then solved quickly. Apart from this one problem, everything has worked perfectly for us so far, which also speaks for the great work behind the scenes.

Sport Michetschläger, Perlesreut
Christina Lindbüchl

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