Rathaus-Apotheke delighted: socialPALS helps with customer acquisition

socialPALS MEDICE Rathaus Apotheke Bad Bentheim Handelsmarketing
socialPALS MEDICE Rathaus Apotheke Bad Bentheim Handelsmarketing

Rathaus-Apotheke delighted: socialPALS helps with customer acquisition

Especially concerning the digitalization of prescriptions, it is also becoming increasingly crucial for in-store pharmacies to be digitally visible and active on social networks. Fortunately, the many digital advertising options can be bundled, organized, and structured with socialPALS – so that Marc Rikhof from the Rathaus Apotheke in Bad Bentheim has the right content online at all times and reaches his customers at home and on the road!

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Marc Rikhof
Owner | Rathaus Apotheke, Bad Bentheim

1. Marc, please tell us a little about yourself and the Rathaus Apotheke in Bad Bentheim!

I am 38 years old, married, studied pharmacy in the beautiful city of Münster from 2004 to 2009 and have owned two pharmacies in my hometown of Bad Bentheim since 2016.

2. What made you decide to participate in MEDICE's "Perenterol" campaign with socialPALS?

We have had a good business relationship with MEDICE and Perenterol for a long time. The idea of promoting Perenterol in cooperation with MEDICE, among other things, and to create more awareness digitally, as well as to provide content immediately appealed to me. The concept was persuasive.

3. How much time did you spend on your side to start the campaign?

This is precisely where it gets really interesting. The time required was extremely low. I integrated the preparation into my daily routine, and the posts were then published automatically at the pre-set times.

4. You are already quite active in the area of social media and are exploring the possibilities. What ultimately persuaded you to use socialPALS? Can you also recommend the platform to other pharmacies that may not yet have so much experience in the area of online marketing?

That’s exactly how it is. We use various advertising platforms and have several collaboration partners supporting us digitally. But I haven’t found anyone yet who offers a comparable product to socialPALS. The ability to prepare content when I just find time in my day or have a nice idea and then schedule it for automatic publication has been really great. We often post something on the weekend or on a holiday. So, of course, it’s great to organize something in advance. The socialPALS platform is very user-friendly, clearly structured, and fun!

5. Have you noticed a positive effect since you started using socialPALS for your campaigns?

We have received positive feedback and likes on the posts. Some customers have also actively approached us in the pharmacy about the campaign.

6. What do you personally see as the advantages of socialPALS for pharmacies? Was the platform a helpful support in the communication of the products?

For the over-the-counter pharmacy, it is increasingly important to be digitally visible and active on social networks to reach customers there as well. Especially concerning the digitalization of prescriptions, this should not be underestimated. With socialPALS’s many digital advertising options or offers can be bundled, organized and structured. This means I always have the right content online and can reach my customers at home and when they are out & about.

7. Would you like more brand partners to work with socialPALS and provide you with more turnkey marketing campaigns through the platform?

I am sure we will continue to work with socialPALS in the future. I have actively contacted our pharmaceutical wholesaler NOWEDA and promoted socialPALS there. I am already excited about what will happen in the future!

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