Juwelier Leicht turns to digital marketing

Tabea Schmidt is responsible for social media marketing at a medium-sized jewelry retailer and knows: Digital natives are only found digitally. Best of all from socialPALS!
Garmin-Kampagne: Juwelier Leicht setzt auf Digitalmarketing
Garmin-Kampagne: Juwelier Leicht setzt auf Digitalmarketing

Juwelier Leicht turns to digital marketing

Tabea Schmidt is responsible for social media marketing at a medium-sized jewelry retailer and knows: Digital natives are only found digitally. Best of all from socialPALS!

With emotionally charged glossy postings, Juwelier Leicht wants to wow its customers on the web and show what is behind the brands on its shelves. With a socialPALS campaign for the new smartwatch collection from Garmin, this mid-sized family enterprise has achieved this even more effectively. Social Media representative Tabea Schmidt explains: “The Smartwatch target group is active online – so it makes sense for us to reach out to them in the digital world as well.”

Tabea Schmidt (Juwelier Leicht)

Tabea Schmidt
Social Media Marketing | Juwelier Leicht

Tabea, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Juwelier Leicht!

The development of social media has fascinated me for many years, and I am thrilled to do this now as a profession.

At Juwelier Leicht – a family-owned, medium-sized business with 10 locations across Germany – I am responsible for the social media marketing of our Facebook and Instagram channels. In this context, I research, plan and create coordinated content, and implement more extensive projects such as video shoots or contests for social media.

What made you decide to take part in a socialPALS campaign?

In recent years, online marketing has become increasingly important to us – and the pandemic has intensified this trend. Marketing online has enabled us to stay in touch with our customers despite our branches’ temporary closure, show new products, and win over more lovers of jewelry and watches.

As a new brand in our range, Garmin came at the same time a few months ago with the offer of a joint campaign with socialPALS. We were happy to accept the offer to test its relevance with our target audience and increase exposure for the new brand added to our portfolio.

Why did the socialPALS platform offer you the ideal support in communicating the new Smartwatch collection?

The smartwatch target group is active online, including many “digital natives“, – so it makes sense for us to reach out to them in the digital world. Another optimal aspect is that Garmin, in conjunction with socialPALS, determines the target group and its preferences accordingly and does a great job of preparing for the campaign.

This is how jewelers reach their local target group online - simple and without any special marketing knowledge!

How much time did you spend in-house to launch the campaign?

The time required was manageable – we quickly found our way around the platform, and regarding the Garmin postings, we save on time because most of the work is taken off our hands by socialPALS.

Did the "Corona crisis" have an impact on how you ran the campaign, and if so, how did you deal with it?

We could not see any impact on the campaign, as the implementation remains digital anyway.

What factors do you use to measure the success of a campaign?

We conduct weekly internal social media controlling where we analyze the success of weekly posts in detail and adjust our content if required. I find the key figures for reach and interactions and the clicks generated on our website via a post to be the most meaningful. Of course, the best thing is when a sales impulse is actually triggered.

What do you see as the advantages of the socialPALS platform?

I especially value the intuitive and user-friendly use of the platform. Everything has an obvious layout, and you can quickly find your way around even without much prior knowledge. 

Another benefit for us is that I’m flexible in terms of when I post. Since we present many of our managed brands on social media, I can better control when the campaign would fit time-wise. I also find the support at socialPALS excellent and exemplary, as I am assisted very quickly with any questions or requests.

Will you continue to be part of socialPALS campaigns that your brand partners invite you to in the future?

With pleasure! The cooperation with Garmin, in particular, is running smoothly for us, and we look forward to more collaboration.

For you personally, what is the "USP" of brick-and-mortar retail compared to online shopping (based on your industry)?

For me, it’s most definitely the emotional experience – especially in the jewelry and watches sector; emotions and a personal shopping experience with professional advice play a unique role.

Likewise, we enjoy seeing our customers on-site and maintaining contact with them. How a piece of jewelry feels on the skin or how a watch fits on the wrist can only be enjoyed live with all senses.

Thank you so much for the interview, Tabea!

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