Interview with Albrecht Volz from Hanwag, on the “Buy-a-Pair-of-Shoes-with-two-Lives” Campaign

Interview mit Albrecht Volz von Hanwag zur "Kauf ein Paar Schuhe mit zwei Leben" Kampagne. Jetzt lesen im socialPALS Blog
Interview mit Albrecht Volz von Hanwag zur "Kauf ein Paar Schuhe mit zwei Leben" Kampagne. Jetzt lesen im socialPALS Blog

Interview with Albrecht Volz from Hanwag, on the “Buy-a-Pair-of-Shoes-with-two-Lives” Campaign

Hanwag uses socialPALS and shifts the customer journey from online to offline!

Reichweite der Postings im lokalen Umfeld der Händler. Hanwag Online Kampagne mit socialPALS
In the following interview, Albrecht Volz talks about the cooperation with socialPALS and the use of our socialPALS platform.
Albrecht Volz - Country Manager | Prokurist, Hanwag Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH. Interview im socialPALS Blog

Albrecht Volz

Country Manager | General Manager, Hanwag Germany Vertriebs GmbH (LLC)

Albrecht Volz in an interview with socialPALS

Albrecht, briefly tell us about your marketing goals. What do they look like – especially for the ‘buy-one-pair-of-shoes-with-two-lives” campaign?

Hanwag is not only an innovative company with a long tradition when it comes to development and shoe manufacturing. Moreover, we strive to support our [specialty] retailers with innovative marketing campaigns. We want to reach our end users online wherever they like to browse. We want to encourage them to go to our [specialty] retailers offline, where they can also expect premium advice. Sustainability is also a guideline for us in all areas of our daily work, and we want to contribute through the durability of our shoes. The most sustainable shoe is the one that can be used the longest. Therefore, we want to focus on the possibility of re-soling all of our models with this campaign.

How did you find out about socialPALS?

A few of our customers/dealers have had very good experiences with socialPALS in the past. We had made our first contacts on trade shows and immediately noticed the simple, effective, and individual way of online marketing.

Why is the use of the socialPALS platform interesting for you?

It enables us to provide our [specialty] retailers targeted and vital support. Thus, we create an individual online marketing tool with simple means. Besides, we can very easily increase the organic coverage of our retailers with an advertising budget.

What factors do you use to measure the success of a campaign?

We achieve the greatest success when dealers can give us positive feedback. Thanks to the extensive evaluation options of socialPALS, we can also get very precise key data.

Has the “corona crisis” negatively influenced the performance or implementation of the campaign?

No, just the opposite. Due to the shutdown, many retailers were basically “forced” into online marketing and in some cases have dealt with it very creatively. This will of course also facilitate the implementation of such campaigns in the future, and our retailers will increasingly reach their consumers via online channels.

After the reopening, it was important to bring the customers back to the stationary retailers and to support our partners that way. The implementation went smoothly and the socialPALS team relieved us of a huge part of the administrative tasks.

How big was the company’s time effort internally to set up and implement the campaign?

Much less than anticipated, because we were able to smoothly and easily set up the campaign under the guidance of socialPALS. Working out of the home office, it was quite easy for us to manage the campaign.

How difficult was it to motivate merchants to participate, and how did socialPALS support you?

60% of the retailers we invited already had a socialPALS account and could be quickly and easily activated via the platform. The other dealers were also instantly won over by the great socialPALS team and the tremendous communication with our sales force.

Did you receive feedback from your merchants?

We have received exclusively positive feedback from our [specialty] retail partners and we also have several retailers who want to add additional branches. If there ever were any questions, the socialPALS team was always available for us and for the retailer.

This is what our merchants say:

Unterwegs Der Outdoor Shop - Teilnehmender Händler bei der Hanwag socialPALS Kampagne "Kaufe ein Paar Schuhe mit zwei Leben"

Working with socialPALS on the Hanwag campaign is – as always – very pleasant. Together with socialPALS, we have already enabled a large number of campaigns, which is why we did not hesitate long when it came to the campaign for our long-term partner Hanwag. Especially in these current trying pandemic times, we are happy about incentives that we can offer our customers.

socialPALS has convinced us with constant availability and quick problem-solving. I like their handling of the content platform the best: they always plan and add the visually appealing posts in a timely manner. Since I can modify the postings at any time, they also always have a personal touch.

Unterwegs AG
Alica Eckhoff / Online Marketing & Shop Manager

Intersport Krumholz - Teilnehmender Händler bei der Hanwag socialPALS Kampagne "Kaufe ein Paar Schuhe mit zwei Leben"

We love socialPALS and use it often. It greatly simplifies our content management process. The tool is very well-thought-out and operating it is just intuitive.

Philipp Ockenfeld / Marketing

How will Hanwag and socialPALS continue? Are there any plans for further campaigns yet?

We definitely want to continue our cooperation and offer our partners great promotions in the future as well. Since Hanwag will celebrate their 100-year anniversary next year, we have planned some exciting promotions for the future that our retailers can look forward to.

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