GEFAKO and GEDIG are responding to the Corona crisis with a socialPALS campaign

GEFAKO Und GEDIG Reagieren Mit SocialPALS-Kampagne Auf Corona-Krise - Jetzt mehr lesen im socialPALS Blog
GEFAKO Und GEDIG Reagieren Mit SocialPALS-Kampagne Auf Corona-Krise - Jetzt mehr lesen im socialPALS Blog

GEFAKO and GEDIG are responding to the Corona crisis with a socialPALS campaign

Times of crisis require quick and uncomplicated action: beverage specialists GEFAKO and GEDIG react to the Corona pandemic and launch a campaign in Southern Germany with the active support of socialPALS. In times of crisis or economic slump, it strives to strengthen the retailers within the network and secure the supply of fresh beverages for private households.

GEFAKO und GEDIG Heimdienstkampagne - Reichweite der Händler durch digitales Marketing
Local digital advertisements – automated for each beverage store

GEFAKO, based in Wendlingen, is Southern Germany’s beverage wholesaler cooperative. It includes around 130 independent, family-run beverage retailers and over 260 beverage stores with extensive service expertise – from the classic beverage pick-up to catering to home delivery. Not only does the cooperative offer netter purchasing conditions and advice, but now also has its own popular brands on offer. Beverages are always in stock and ready for collection in the central warehouse, so that partners can access the entire beverage assortment quickly and easily. An important contribution to customer recruitment and retention is also joint advertising – which requires quick reaction and special measures, especially in times of crisis.

In order to curb the spread of coronavirus, federal and state governments have announced a comprehensive package of measures, which has already resulted in numerous retailers and restaurants having to close. The loss of these major customers also causes a noticeable drop in sales in the beverage trade network. The mandated lockdown or security measures, however, expressly do not apply to delivery services and beverage stores. With the campaign “We are here for you!”, GEFAKO wants to draw attention to the fact that the specialty stores within the cooperative remain open.

The campaign also advertises the delivery service with which retainers do everything to provide their customers with fresh beverages, even in times of crisis. So, if you can’t leave your home for quarantine reasons or want to protect your family, you don’t have to worry about supplies. The retailers do everything possible to guarantee a smooth and contactless delivery service in order to protect customers and employees from infection. On the landing page customized for each retailer, the customer will find all important information about beverage delivery.

Customized, personalized landing page with merchant logo, order feature, and location information.

In order to locally publicize the among beverage specialty stores, Google Display Ads goes online as a first step. Afterwards, further communication measures in the retailers’ social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram are planned.

What’s especially great and gratifying: GEDIG, the beverage expert, has also joined the campaign and will make the campaign available to their retailer network. The marketing team among the beverage experts are relieved: socialPALS offers the unique opportunity to quickly and professionally implement digital communication within local target groups:

Lisa Gasse - Junior Online Marketing Managerin - GEFAKO GmbH & Co. KG

Without socialPALS, it would not be possible to support our stores in terms of communication. We had been talking to socialPALS for quite some time – now is the perfect time to start our cooperation. We are pleasantly surprised at how fast, easy and smooth it was to get the entire campaign going. The possibilities the platform offers are very promising and we are extremely satisfied with the personal service.

Lisa Gasse
Online Marketing Manager – GEFAKO GmbH & Co. KG

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