Use Facebook notes like a blog

Use Facebook notes like a blog

One of our favorite special tasks: Product tester campaigns. The number of participants can belower, but the leads are of more qualitative. After all, you not only have to be selected, you also have to do something to keep the product afterwards. And not to forget: the tester will represent the product in public and stand for it with his or her own name.. This almost guarantees quality.

But what to do as with a huge product tester report? Two or maybe three pages of text, sometimes with a multitude of pictures. How should this data be processed in the best possible way? In a picture carousel? Not suitable for text. In a picture posting? Two pages of continuous text do not look good. The simple solution:
Set up your own app “Notes” in Facebook. This allows you to operate as if you would be in a blog environment.Combine images and texts, arrange them, use headlines and captions.

AND: the app can also be used for Facebook from mobile devices. Without a separate microsite.

If you don’t use any notes on your site yet, you may need to unlock them first.

Click on “Settings” on Edit page:


Then click on Settings in the right menu next to Notes…

Slide the switch to “ON” and save. Done.

The new tab “Notes” is now displayed on the left side of the menu.

Use Notes

The notes are started like a normal post. Click on “Write note”…

…and a new window opens.

Facebook will now guide you how to add text and images.

An example of our tester’s “note”:

And you can also take a look on a smartphone.

What are your recommendations?

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