#meintoniehändler – Tonies and socialPALS Go Hand in Hand

#meintoniehändler - Tonies Unterstützungskampagne. Mehr lesen im socialPALS Blog
#meintoniehändler - Tonies Unterstützungskampagne. Mehr lesen im socialPALS Blog

#meintoniehändler – Tonies and socialPALS Go Hand in Hand

We won’t back down, and are starting our next supporter campaign with  Tonies 
tonies Unterstützungskampagne #meintoniehändler
From now on, every customer who places orders in the Tonies online shop will be able to select a local retail store of their choice that will receive a 10% commission from Tonies.

Right now, we are all living in a situation that we have not experienced before, and which has also left many families stranded in their own apartments from one moment to the next. Tonies and their Tonieboxes will bring some change to your home and guarantee you listening fun and entertainment! Who doesn’t know them: Tonies and their TonieboxesThe Tonie tells you about butter cake – and off you go with a new task to pass this difficult time!

The founders of Tonies met in their children’s daycares. They have been working together since 2013 as a closely-knit team and within a big partner network for Tonies and the Toniebox.

A Tonie figure, one of by now 200, is shaped to fit the story they are telling. It is also the magic key to its listening experience. When you place the figure on the Toniebox, the box identifies it at once, downloads the corresponding content from the Toniecloud and starts playing it directly. Once it is fully downloaded, the content remains on the Toniebox, and you can listen to it everywhere, even without internet connection. It is digital, you can touch it and you can play with it – with a focus on listening to it! Its simple control concept includes Tonie figures with songs for children, subjects about learning, audio books and plays, and is directed towards children between 3 and 8 years old. In addition, you can download your own content to Creative Tonies via your smartphone or webbrowser.

#meintoniehändler - Tonies unterstützen mit 10% des Einkaufswerts
#meintoniehändler - support local Tonies retailers with 10% of its purchase value

Tonies wants to contribute to preserving stationary retail stores, and came up with a special campaign – #meintoniehändler 

From now on, it will be possible for every customer who places an order in the Tonies Onlineshop to select a local retail store after having completed their order. Customers will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to a landing page on which customers fill in their postal code.  A list of retail stores in the vicinity will show up, and customers can choose which store the 10% commission should go to. Should customers not select any of the stores, the purchase commission will get saved, and saved commissions will be spread between all retail stores when the campaign finishes. For now, the campaign will run until April 19, 2020 and is mainly interesting for retail stores without their own online shops.

Spielwaren - Heiko Faßbinder - Teilnehmender Händer einer socialPALS Online Kampagne

“We were already familiar with the platform “socialPALS” before the Tonies Lauscher Campaign. When we received the invitation from Tonies to be a part of their supporter campaign in this difficult phase, we immediately knew what to do.

Once again, it was easy to publish the articles quickly via the calendar function, and now we are hoping that many of our customers will learn about the campaign by reading the articles, and that they will make use of the offer. And of course we are hoping that they will support us local retailers with their orders.”

Stefanie Müller

As for any other campaign, the socialPALS platform offers simple support for retailers. Retailers can run independently this great campaign on their own social media channels. With socialPALS the publishing function is full automated when retailers register on:


Already in 2019, Tonies had run a successful sweepstake campaign with socialPALS. This is why many retailers were already registered on the platform, and which made it even more simple for these retailers to participate in the next campaign. But also newly registered retailers without any previous know-how are receiving a professional online campaign and first-class support. 

Sarah Jung - Team Lead Regional Sales - Boxine GmbH über ihre erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit socialPALS

“Especially right now, it is important to keep together and to find ways as a business to play our part in improving the situation.

After a successful cooperation last year, we are looking forward to cooperating with socialPALS once again. Since a lot of retailers are already holding an account with socialPALS, they are familiar with the campaign activation. Which makes it possible for us to contribute in a spontaneous and effective way. It is also uncomplicated und quick for new retailers to participate in the campaign. socialPALS is offering retailers an ideal way to achieve an enormous reach.”

Sarah Jung
Team Lead Business Development – Boxine GmbH

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