New at socialPALS: LinkedIn Marketing

In addition to Facebook, Instagram and Google, you can also play out your campaigns via LinkedIn and thus reach a further target group via the channels of your trade network!
socialPALS LinkedIn
socialPALS LinkedIn

New at socialPALS: LinkedIn Marketing

In addition to Facebook, Instagram and Google, you can also play out your campaigns via LinkedIn and thus reach a further target group via the channels of your trade network!

New to the platform: LinkedIn marketing

Finally, we can announce the news from our Product & Tech Team: We have integrated LinkedIn as another marketing channel into our platform – alongside Google, Facebook and Instagram!

The trade network of our brand partners thus now has the opportunity to play out organic LinkedIn posts provided by brands in turnkey campaigns via their channels.

The LinkedIn platform is not only becoming increasingly relevant for brands, but is now a hub for companies and individuals (and thus customers) of all kinds. This is also evidenced by the following figures:

  1. According to Statista, LinkedIn has more than 900 million members worldwide.
  2. LinkedIn itself states that there are over 58 million company entries.
  3. These are interacted with more than 1 billion times per month.

On LinkedIn we meet an exciting target group that likes to get information. Alongside Facebook and Instagram, it is also becoming increasingly important here to play out high-quality and varied content in order to position oneself accordingly in the age of digitalisation and establish a strong brand.

With this feature update, socialPALS enables a further uplift for brands that become visible on this marketing channel through the mouthpiece of their trade network. Bring your brand together with the world’s largest target group of active, influential members now!

Why LinkedIn as a marketing channel?

LinkedIn started as a kind of job exchange with social media functions: chatting, exchanging and applying. This has been maintained until today – but LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a marketing platform for companies and personal brands. It’s about building reach to sell products or services. The introduction of more content sharing options has opened doors for content creators worldwide.

  • Target groups: Business people, professionals and decision-makers network on LinkedIn. Therefore, companies can precisely address their target groups here.
  • Reach: LinkedIn has over 900 million users worldwide, making it one of the largest social media platforms. Companies can use LinkedIn to reach more people.
  • Image: On LinkedIn, people network in a professional context. By being active on LinkedIn, companies can build a professional image and increase their credibility.
  • Content: Companies can share content on LinkedIn such as blog posts, articles and infographics. This allows brands to demonstrate their expertise and attract the attention of their target audience.
  • Networking: LinkedIn is a platform where businesses and professionals network with each other. By being active on LinkedIn, they can expand their network and make valuable contacts.

A strong brand

According to a study, the big focus topic of B2B marketers at the moment is to expand the brand. More than two-thirds worldwide (67 per cent) and three-quarters of respondents in Germany (75 per cent) confirm that they will either maintain or even increase their spending in this area. In Germany, almost one in two (46 per cent) cited the fact that a strong brand promotes sales in the long term as the reason for this. (Source)

The development of LinkedIn in recent years shows that it has become more interactive, more diverse and more personal. There is increasing talk that the LinkedIn feed is now similar to Facebook and Instagram in terms of content and tone. LinkedIn marketing is more effective at brand lift than other top platforms for both B2B and B2C brands. LinkedIn thus offers numerous opportunities for brands and affinity groups to increase their visibility and reputation. (Source)

Growing success of B2C campaigns on LinkedIn

Many companies have already successfully implemented B2C campaigns, as examples from Starbucks, Audi or Holiday Inn show. According to a study by HubSpot, the chances of conversion on LinkedIn are 2.74 percent. On Facebook, it is only 0.77 percent in comparison. Consequently, LinkedIn is more than clearly in the lead with almost 300 percent. The study includes evaluations of 5,198 B2B and B2C companies.

Content beats advertising. Content creation can be an online seminar, a study, an e-guide, white paper or research report. Again, the more visual the content, the better. Using high-quality content that offers added value to the target group builds organic reach. Such contributions have the background of putting one’s own competence and expertise in the foreground and thus increasing the chances of attracting potential new customers.

LinkedIn B2B campaigns via the socialPALS platform

In 2022, Facebook was the most popular social network for marketing B2C companies. 55 percent of the marketing decision-makers from B2C companies surveyed said they preferred to use Facebook for their purposes. In second place for B2C companies is Instagram with 27 percent. In contrast, B2B companies preferred LinkedIn for their marketing strategy with 40 percent. (Source) Through the integration of LinkedIn, socialPALS also becomes a software solution for digital B2B marketing.

NürnbergMesse showed a great example of what this can look like at MedtechLIVE!

Die NürnbergMesse unterstützt mit socialPALS Aussteller effizient bei der Messe-Kommunikation.

Act now and use your MDF more effectively!

socialPALS bringt Marken und Handelspartner zusammen und schafft eine Win-Win-Situation, die bislang ungenutztes Potenzial entfaltet. Die innovative Software-Lösung vereinfacht komplexe Prozesse durch automatisiertes Handelsmarketing und stärkt über regionale Marken-Kampagnen den stationären Handel. Werde auch du Teil der socialPALS Erfolgsgeschichte und hol dir deine unverbindliche Platform-Demo!

socialPALS brings brands and retail partners together and creates a win-win situation that unfolds previously untapped potential. The innovative software solution simplifies complex processes through automated trade marketing and strengthens stationary trade through regional brand campaigns. Become part of the socialPALS success story and get your non-binding platform demo!

Unser Team zeigt dir gerne unverbindlich die Plattform:

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