AEG supports premium retailers with socialPALS Campaign

socialPALS – AEG QX9 Premium Kampagne
socialPALS – AEG QX9 Premium Kampagne

AEG supports premium retailers with socialPALS Campaign

In the following interview, AEG reports on the use of the socialPALS platform and the related new ways of digital retailer marketing.

Julia Bauer – Content Activation Support bei AEG – Electrolux Hausgeräte GmbH

Julia Bauer
Content Activation Support | AEG – Electrolux Hausgeräte GmbH

Julia Bauer from AEG in interview

Julia, please tell us a little bit about AEG and your special task there.

At Electrolux, I am responsible for providing the content in the small appliances area for the AEG brand. As a team, we create images, text and video material for existing and new products. My job is to use this content everywhere with our online retailers. I oversee various systems that are required for the provision of content. I also supervise retail campaigns and am responsible for the publication of new products in online retail. I also manage reviews in the area of e-commerce.

Local end customer activation through uniform image and text approach across different channels

What are your goals in the field of digital retailer marketing and what are your expectations for yourself and your retailers?

Our aim is to present our AEG brand across all channels in a uniform text- and visual language – from the product detail page of an online retailer to the Instagram account of a stationary electronics store. In addition, we want to deliver content to retailers and thus also to our customers that is helpful and appealing.

What experiences did you gain during the two socialPALS campaigns?

One experience has been that stationary retailers in particular have understood in recent years that it does not work without social media. A print medium like a brochure is currently no longer sufficient. As a result of this development, retailers have become increasingly interested in the socialPALS campaign over the past two years. In addition, we only received positive feedback from retailers on our campaigns, as it is a great push for stationary retail when it is supported by the brand via social media.

Can socialPALS help increase retailer awareness of online and social media marketing?

I definitely think so! socialPALS helps to show the customer exactly the right content, straight from the neighborhood retailer. This way, the customer has a direct connection to the posting, as he knows the market or is perhaps already a customer there. With the socialPALS platform, the retailer “on site” will not be forgotten. Most industries are about maintaining a healthy mix between online and offline. SocialPALS is exactly the right support!

How did you find out about socialPALS?

We got to know socialPALS through IFA 2018 and were immediately curious, as the platform creates a connection between the many “small” stationary retailers and thus offers them a stage to be seen by customers on social media.

Why is the use of the socialPALS platform interesting for you?

Here we can see and follow the progress of the campaign and have access to all dealers and the content calendar. This way, both we and the retailer always have a direct overview of which postings are displayed and when. In addition, you have a direct overview of the most important key figures of the campaign at all times. Even after the campaign, it is an important tool for us to evaluate all key figures.

Which factors do you use to measure the success of your campaign?

We use the common reporting key figures such as TKP, but also the retailers’ reactions – because it is important to us to show the retailer that we are working with them to implement marketing campaigns online.

How much time did you spend internally to implement the campaign? Were there any differences between the two campaigns?

Because we were working with socialPALS in the second year, I was already familiar with the processes and knew exactly how to plan the timing. The effort before the campaign start with regard to content is limited, as we have worked really well with the socialPALS team.

In fact, activating retailers for the first time always means the most work, as coordination is always necessary. Every retailer must be introduced to the topic and go through the onboarding process. Since the dealer base does not usually change every year, this work is only a bit more complex at the beginning – once the dealers are registered in the system, the effort is even less.

How difficult was it to motivate the retailers to participate and how did socialPALS support you?

As already mentioned, the biggest hurdle for us was the first activation. The support from socialPALS was great. Due to regular update calls, we were always up to date on both sides and were able to help and support each other with questions. SocialPALS did a great job in retailer onboarding, thanks to the Google Sheet, which was always available online, everyone knew what the current status of each retailer was.

How are things going with AEG and socialPALS? Are there any plans for further campaigns?

Of course! We look forward to working with socialPALS again in the spring of 2021. First, a product launch is pending, where socialPALS will support us through communication via Facebook and Instagram on behalf of the stationary retailers.

Julia, thank you very much for the interview!

This is what our dealers say

Euronics XXL - Johann+Wittmer GmbH – Teilnehmender Händler bei der AEG QX9 Online Kampagne von socialPALS

We are also completely satisfied with the service from socialPALS. Thanks to the team, the AEG social media campaign was planned and carried out with really little effort.

Thanks to the clear platform and fast and direct support, multi-layer campaigns can also be published easily and in a structured manner. We would especially like to thank the telephone support for the smooth assistance.

Euronics XXL – Johann+Wittmer GmbH
Sebastian Lausch / Marketing-/Communication Manager

Expert Elektrofachmärkte Nord GmbH – Teilnehmender Händler bei der AEG QX9 Online Kampagne von socialPALS

Expert Nord participated in a campaign for the first time via socialPALS. Thanks to the great support, we were able to take part in the sweepstakes campaign with 5 different locations quite easily. AEG’s advertising budget was ideally used to distribute the postings on Facebook and Google! Right from the start, we were able to benefit from the professional content with all locations and at the end of the campaign we could see in the evaluation how well the ads performed.

The service was also noteworthy. In this context we would like to mention the collaboration with Lena. She always kept us up to date and took time for our concerns.
It’s great how time-saving and effective you can work with socialPALS. We thank you for the pleasant cooperation and look forward to further campaigns.

Expert Elektrofachmärkte Nord GmbH
Maria Stein / Content and Social Media Manager

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